Respect in Sports - Parent Program (Oro Thunder Minor Hockey)

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Respect in Sports - Mandatory Parent Program

Please be advised that one parent from each player's household must take the "Respect in Sport - Parent Program" course in order for that player to be roostered to a team under OMHA. 

Your child cannot be registered to a team unless this course is completed successfully. 

There is a $12 fee for the program, none of it comes to, or, goes through Oro Minor Hockey.  The breakdown of the fee is as follows:

            $1 E-learning fund, program admin

            $1 Partner admin/promotion (NOT US)

            $1 Canadian Red Cross curriculum partner

            $1 PayPal invoicing fees

            $8 Respect Group program maintenance, bilingual support, updates, hosting

Please ensure when completing the course you correctly link it to your child(ren) so that the data base shows you have completed the course.  Otherwise your child(ren) will not be approved for a roster.

Please follow the link below to begin the parent course.
"Respect in Sports - Parent Program"