NRP Policy (Oro Thunder Minor Hockey)

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Non-Resident Player Policy

Additional Methods of Player Movement from an OMHA AAA, AA or A home centre


When a player’s Home Centre is base category AAA, AA or A, after fulfilling all tryout commitments at his/her Home Centre, a player may try out for:


One (1) OMHA BB or below base category Centre. To be eligible the player is required to be the Minor Peewee age (eleven (11) years old) or older as of December 31st of the current playing season. The Maximum number of rostered “Non Resident Players” (NRP) is three (3) per eligible team. Once a team has rostered an NRP then no replacement NRP will be permitted.

This is allowed from only Minor Peewee on up thru to Major Midget

The criteria for the OMHA BB or below base category centre NRP process is as follows:

  1. In order to request a NRP passport, eligible players must pre-register with their home centre for the upcoming season. NRP passports can be obtained by contacting your home centre.
  2. In order to further qualify for a roster spot on a lower classification team, that NRP player must have exhausted all reasonable efforts or avenues by attending their home base centre’s tryouts at either AA, A or AE and being released from tryouts.
  3. Once a NRP passport is granted to you and you are offered a roster position from that team of your chosen option for the upcoming year, you are required to return to your home centre at the end of that year.
  4. If you are not offered a roster position from Oro at the end of the tryouts it is required that you return to your home centre for the remainder of that year. 


All NRP players must register online and bring their signed NRP passport validated from their home centre before stepping on the ice.