Registration Policy (Oro Thunder Minor Hockey)

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Oro Minor Hockey Association has a duty to its members to collect fees owing in a way that is responsible and thoughtful, yet respectful to all those that pay. Action on unpaid fees must occur before or early in the season before it is too late for corrective action. 


·         Registration is not complete until full payment via e-Transfer has been received by [email protected]

·         Registration will open up early for Oro residents only. Exceptions to this are out of area players that have played at least   
     two full seasons registered with Oro Minor Hockey. Date to be advised.

·         Out of Area Fee: Players that do not reside within the boundaries of Oro Minor Hockey will be charged a $100.00 Out of     . 
     Area Fee. Exceptions to this fee are out of area players that have played at least two full seasons registered with Oro Minor
     Hockey and Goalies will be exempt if the division is in need of extra goalies.

Payment of Registration Fees

Please include the players name and age group in the notes section when making payment by e-Transfer


There are 2 options for payment:


1. 100% of the registration fee including lottery fee to be paid via e-Transfer within 5 business days of registering with HCR.



2. Payment installments will be accepted as follows:


a.  First payment - 50% of the registration fee, including lottery fee must be received by e-Transfer within 5 business days after registering with HCR.

b.  The final 50% of the registration fee (2nd installment, including lottery fee) is due on August 1st by eTransfer. Failure to remit this payment by this date will result in cancellation of your registration and your first payment will be returned to you via cheque.


If registration is completed after August 1st, full payment is required at registration and must be received via e-Transfer to [email protected] within 5 business days.


If longer payment arrangements are required beyond those stated above, please reach out to [email protected] to provide your requested payment plan. Your proposed payment plan will be reviewed and will require approval from the President at Oro Minor Hockey.  

Registration will not be completed or will be cancelled if payment is not received be the dates listed above (or per an approved payment plan). Please ensure that you follow this policy to ensure that your registration is valid. If your registration is cancelled, your players spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

Players will not be allowed on the ice if full payment has not been received.




All refund requests will be accepted until August 30th. Beginning September 1st, refunds of registration fees will be granted only as a result of: (i) residential relocation; (ii) the player becoming medically unfit to play; or (iii) the player chooses not to play while the division is at capacity as determined by the Board of Directors and another player fills the spot being vacated Lottery fee will not be refunded.

Refund - Table 1

Up to August 30th

100% of registration fee will be refunded

During the month of October

85% of registration fee will be refunded

During the month of November

70% of registration fee will be refunded

During the month of December

50% of registration fee will be refunded

After December 31st

0% of registration fee will be refunded



a.  All players who leave the Oro Minor Hockey Association before the end of the season due to residential relocation may apply in writing to the Treasurer for a return of fees. The amount of the refund will be governed by the date on which the written request is received and shall be calculated in accordance with Table 1.

b.  Any player who becomes medically unfit or receives an injury that prevents him/her from
participating in minor hockey for the rest of the season, shall be entitled to a refund. The amount of the refund will be governed by the date on which the injury occurred or medical condition was noted by a physician and shall be calculated in accordance with Table 1. The player shall provide medical certification by a licensed medical practitioner in support of a refund request made on medical grounds.

c.  In no event shall any player who is suspended or expelled from playing be entitled to a refund.


Payment of Rep Fees

Rep Fees are due at the time of acceptance of your players spot on the rep team. Payment must be received within 5 business days of the team being selected via etransfer to [email protected]. Your player will not be rostered to your rep team until payment is received.


Collection of Late Registration Fees (Approved Payment Plans Only)

Payment plans must be strictly adhered to. Any participant that is delinquent one payment on a payment plan will be notified and given one week to catch up and remit payment and will be required to return to their payment plan. Any participant(s) delinquent two (2) or more payments will be suspended until all fees are paid in full. 


Collection of Tournament Fees

If the Association has paid tournament fees on behalf of a team, the Team Manager must collect the tournament fees from the players on the team and submit one full payment to: [email protected].

Teams cannot attend tournaments if fees are not paid.

Payment is due in full when teams have been chosen or assigned. You will be notified by your Team Manager of the amount required to pay for tournaments that your team has registered for.

Teams will lose practice time if payment of tournament fees have not been received on time.


Financial Assistance

There are several sources for financial assistance available in our area. Oro MHA recommends contacting organizations such as JumpStart and Lace ‘Em Up to find out if they may be able to help out with your hockey fees or contact the Oro MHA Sponsorship Director at [email protected].



Please be advised it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to arrange payments to Oro MHA. Oro MHA cannot coordinate arrangements for financial assistance payments with third party organizations. Player registration fee must be paid in full prior to August 1st.